Jutta Curatolo: Your Guide to Creating a Home Office

Every home needs an office space, even if it’s just a place you store and pay your bills, do homework, or actually run a business. Unfortunately, many of us get too caught up in our daily lives to create a space for getting our work done, so we turn to places like the dining room table, the couch, and even our beds. Creating a home office will allow you to become more organized in your home, but also in your mind. It’ll take the pressure off thinking about having an office space and allow you to think clearly and getting your work done precisely. Follow these tips to creating the ultimate home office.



The first step to creating a home office may involve some hefty consideration depending on how much space you have. Have no fear! A home office does not require a lot of space, but instead, a good location. A simple corner or empty wall space can turn into your home office space. You’ll want to pick a location where you are comfortable so you can focus and work efficiently. For example, your basement may not be the best idea if it’s really cold in the winter, and your attic may be too hot for the summer. Pick a location in your home where you know you won’t be bothered by little things such as the weather and the noise.



Unless you’re a night owl or vampire, one of the best decorating accessories you can have is light. Choosing a place near a window or two will allow you to stay awake and productive because of the Vitamin D from the sun. Ever notice how it’s so hard to have motivation to get anything done when it’s dark and rainy outside? The more light you have, the more motivated you’ll be. Another point to consider is the colors of your office. White may sound like a great idea, but neutrals will eventually bore you. As I wrote in my last blog, color is the key to setting the mood in your home.  Choosing colors such as blues and greens allow a serene vibe throughout your space. Reds will allow you to stay active and alert, but be careful that it’s not too dark. Yellows and orange allow for a mellow flow of energy throughout your space. The next step would be your decor, but it’s important to keep your office space decluttered. Choosing a patterned rug and hanging one or two small portraits may be all you need for a serene office.



What can I say, a girl loves her accessories! The two most important accessories you’ll need to include in your home office is a comfortable office chair and a desk that fits you and your office space. Bigger is not necessarily better. A simple desk that saves room in your office space is great! Another great accessory to have is a filing cabinet or extra shelf storage so you can stay organized. Open shelves are a great way to make use of space and staying organized. As mentioned, light is your best friend when it comes to productivity. Adding a desk lamp to your office is the final touch of your new office.