Jutta Curatolo

Volunteering & Humanitarianism

Jutta Curatolo is a passionate advocate for volunteering and humanitarianism.

Jutta Curatolo is someone who has always put other people first. Whenever she sees a person struggling, especially with mental disorders or addiction issues, she is first in line to volunteer her time and energy. Jutta has amassed over a decade of volunteer experience, beginning with her college years. In addition to many other voluntary positions with numerous organizations, she currently serves as a peer mentor at Turning Point, a United Kingdom-based organization that provides a range of health and wellness services to support individuals afflicted by mental health problems, drug and alcohol misuse, learning disabilities, and unemployment across the country. Turning Point is the largest facility like this in the United Kingdom.

As a peer mentor, Jutta supports service users suffering from addiction, mental illnesses and homelessness by leading peer groups, listening to individual  issues and, when necessary referring to appropriate recovery services. In addition, Jutta leads different support activities, such as gardening, jewelry making, painting, and other arts. These activities not only offer patients creative and productive outlets for their , but also foster community among patients and mentors. In addition to her daily work, she also participates in Saturday Social Club, where she helps provide warm meals and activities to patients.


As someone who knows the difficulties of combating mental health afflictions and addiction, Jutta Curatolo is an active advocate for mental health awareness and a champion of wellbeing services to help individuals recover and reach their full potential. Recently, Jutta has become involved in Street Engagement Unit, an effort focused on engaging and cultivating relationships with homeless individuals. The goal of this effort is to direct homeless individuals to appropriate care and housing. Jutta is also using her experience with Street Engagement Unity to supplement her work at shelters, where she helps patients seek access to care, rehab, and other assistance. She hopes to help patients regain control of their situations to augment their recoveries and future experiences.

In addition to her work at Turning Point, Jutta Curatolo also volunteers at Chelsea Physic Garden, the oldest botanic garden in London. There, she melds her interests in gardening and assisting others by working with disabled children and recovering addicts and teaching them about practical gardening and conservation.

Just as Jutta’s personal experiences fuel her volunteer work to assist others, they have also led her to become a member of Changing 7, a group of people with lived experience of treatment and recovery from mental illness and addiction. Changing 7 worked with Artist Mark King to a major art project called “Look at me and be renewed” which is being shown at the Science Gallery at Kings College London until January 2019. As part of this project the Changing 7 went around London Bridge taking pictures which later Mark King transformed into his signature patterned artwork. Jutta took some pictures of Apples which mark turned into a wonderful red pattern.

Outside of her volunteer work, Jutta Curatolo is an avid traveler, passionate about capturing her travels through photography and blogging.

Previous Interior Design Blog:

Jutta Curatolo has always had a love for interior design. She finds herself to be most passionate about the creative freedom that is found in decorating a home. Over the years, through her many different experiences with other cultures, Jutta’s passion has flourished. Through her travels, Jutta has grown to admire the traditional design elements that each passing city has offered her. Today, Jutta looks to incorporate those details in every aspect of her family’s home.

When it comes to her design style, Jutta continuously challenges herself to combine new influences in a unique yet, cohesive manner. When traveling with family, Jutta looks for unique pieces that best depict their journey and complements their home’s story. When designing a space, Jutta often reflects on her encounters amongst travels. Whether she’s drawing inspiration from the vibrancy in landscapes or simply from the energy and spirit of the people that surrounded her, Jutta transforms every space into a faint depiction of moments passed.

Jutta Curatolo, a devoted wife and mother, thrives in creating these spaces for her family to enjoy. When visualizing a space or navigating the concept for a room, Jutta always has her family in mind. With each new project, she has one goal: To create a comfortable, functional space for her family that is both intriguing, as well as admired by guests.

Jutta’s design style offers onlookers a glimpse at her experiences, and truly captures the essence of her family’s spirit. For Jutta Curatolo, her designs rarely include a focal point; rather, it is a fluid space that tells the guest a story. Through her passion for design and love for her family, Jutta Curatolo creates a home that is both captivating and practical. While Jutta is partial to vibrancy and cultural elements, she admires varying design styles. Be it modern or contemporary, Jutta can always appreciate the feeling a room inflicts on a person.

When it comes to design, there isn’t a right or wrong, which is what Jutta finds most compelling about her hobby: the freedom to express herself. Jutta hopes that at the end of every design project, the room ultimately provokes a feeling or emotion for all those who enter.

Jutta Curatolo is thrilled to launch her blog, which features creative encouragement and decorating ideas for anyone with a passion for design. Turn your house into the home of your dreams, and join Jutta Curatolo on the exciting journey of interior design!