Mid-century modern is a style that had its time in the in the 40’s that is making a huge comeback into interior design. Places like Palm Springs, California have preserved this style throughout the decades. The term itself is used to describe developments in the interior, product, graphic design, and architecture throughout 1933 through 1965. It was defined by Cara Greenberg with her book Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s and is now a term used by scholars and museums across the globe and a prominent design movement.


Where to Start?

To begin transforming a space into the mid-century modern period design, start with the big pieces. Any room needs a few pieces of standout furniture. Yet, to properly communicate a strong mid-century design, those big-bold pieces have to ground the space’s attention. If you are redesigning a living room, a good first piece to purchase would be a credenza. It will ground the room and allow for a well-established mid-century modern design to flourish. The equivalent to a modern-day tv stand, a credenza normally comes with plenty of drawers to help with clutter.

If you chose against starting with a credenza, a mid-century modern couch is an excellent way to create a statement piece and spark the design process. They normally come in beautiful patterned fabric or in bold monochromatic colors. But if you want to ease into your mid-century room design, a coffee table can easily establish a mid century feel. The hairpin legs and drop shape top can easily add that rustic yet modern look to your space.

Yet, when you begin purchasing pieces, make sure they add to the overall design. Stick to a color scheme and harmonize throughout.


Don’t Over Do It

If you are looking to create a period-accurate room, go for it. It will be quite expensive and bold to make a space look like the set of Mad Men. But it may be a stronger designer to have a mid-century modern flair to a room and give it a modern spin. Vintage items, shapes and colors can add up quickly so be sure to add contemporary touches with splashes of vintage design. It will create an overall well-designed space and will make your space feel great. Many modern brands, like IKEA, pair well with mid-century modern pieces that do not break the bank.

Find ways to express your personal style while being on top of modern styles while also pay homage to a mid-century aesthetic.