Eco Paradise

In recent years, sustainable living and eco-friendly design have gained traction as homeowners are more aware of how they live and the products they use in order to minimize their impact on the environment, as well as improve air quality and their overall health.


Did you know that Americans spend nearly 90% of their time indoors? According to the EPA, environmental pollutants are two to five times higher inside than outside. More than ever before it is crucial to be aware of the products and air quality in your home in order to protect your family and health. One of the most important ways to address the air quality in your home is to be aware of VOCs. VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are essentially chemicals in products that off gas into the air. This off gassing can have potentially harmful health effects.


But how to improve indoor air quality now? A little known fact is that plants are a wonderful way to improve indoor air quality. They naturally filter the air. Not to mention the fact that plants are a beautiful home decor piece, all by themselves. Don’t forget to let the sun in for your plants. Turn off the lights, use sunlight and lower your environmental emissions and your electric bill.


The second way to improve air quality is by choosing natural products for your home. From the rugs on the floor to the bedroom furniture to the paint and floor materials – every piece of furniture or decor in your home can be made from natural and organic materials. By going organic you will have zero VOCs emitted from the furniture and decor items in your home.


Many commercially manufactured upholstery, rugs and furniture is fabricated from man made materials which can be highly flammable and linked to a wide range of health problems. Choose solid wood furniture versus furniture made from MDF. Natural fibers are the way to go for floor and window coverings – wool, cotton and jute are our top picks. Finally, there are numerous low or no VOCs paints available, as well as all natural flooring materials such as stone.


Turn your home into an eco-friendly paradise, improve the indoor air quality of your home and create a healthier future for your family and loved ones. It all starts with a few small steps in the right direction, today.