A new tech start-up company has created a platform where you can test out furniture in a space without purchasing it. We have all fell in love with a piece of furniture only to find out that it does not fit in the spot we had in mind. Modsy is eliminating those interior design mistake before even moving furniture in.


What is Modsy?

Modsy is an online company that allows you to upload images and dimensions of any given room or space. With that information, it creates a 3D model pair with recommendations from an interior designer. It gathers furniture from popular home decor stores and places them within your three-dimensionally rendered space. If you like the look and size of the piece, you then have the ability to purchase it. Once you upload your images and dimensions, there will never be a need to crawl around your room with a tape measure.


The design is also quite interactive. You will be able to see your room at all angles, even a bird’s eye view, as well as the furniture that is rendered into the program. It is the essential planning program to efficiently use a space without wasting money on items that do not fit. Many of the items available in the program come from West Elm, Anthropologie, to Pottery Barn.


How Much?

Within Modsy, you have two options regarding their services. Both options guarantee you will get a 3D model of your space along with matching products, two custom designed and a breakdown of how to put it together, and endless edits to the digital room. The basic plan starts at $69 which comes with a lot of value.

The other option is priced around $199 and comes with everything that the $69 service provides but this package also comes with a certified Style Advisor. This option allows you to directly collaborate with the designer and receives feedback from them throughout the process.


Modsy stands by its four pillars of their mission. You will discover products that you love while building a 3D model. You will then have the unlimited ability to have fun and shop with confidence, no longer having to worry about size and dimensions.