Jutta Curatolo: Easy Design Cheats for Creating Cozy Spaces

Easy Design Cheats for Creating Cozy Spaces

Your home should be your haven, and how comfortable you feel in the one space that is truly yours has a huge impact on how you feel overall. When designing your home, you can go for elegance or sophistication or trendsetting and fashionable, but you should always make sure you have at least a few cozy space tucked around, or better yet touches of comfort and homey-ness sprinkled in with your overall aesthetic. Not only will you feel warm and happy at home, but your guests will pick up on the tone of your space and feel welcomed and comfortable as well.

Here are a few easy tricks and tips for creating that cozy feeling throughout your home. Pick your favorites, work them in, and soon you’ll have a space you never want to leave!


Consider Color

Color often takes second place to the objects in your house, but what a wasted opportunity! The effects of color may be subtle, but they have an immediate psychological effect and set the tone for an entire space. If you want a room full of calming vibes, make sure to avoid bright colors. And, if you want a cozy space, opt for warm shades like neutral browns, yellows, and oranges.


Soft to the Eye

Who doesn’t have good associations with a warm, fuzzy blanket? You can draw out a sense of wellbeing simply by putting visual cues around the room. Use chairs with soft, plush fabric. Add a throw blanket or some pillows around a seating space. Blankets and pillows immediate invite your guests to sit down and make themselves comfortable, and merely seeing the soft fabrics can cue us in that this is a cozy spot. All those layers also give you another great opportunity to play with colors and accents!


Draw the Curtains

Try a curtain wall. It’s a unique, bold statement that immediately adds visual interest. A curtain wall can instantly soften the ambiance of any room, wrapping you in a visual cocoon while still leaving plenty of open space. It’s at once traditional and trendy — an elusive combination indeed!


Mood Lighting

Lighting is perhaps the single most important aspect of any room. The quality of light can immediately make or break even the best of designs. The first rule is to avoid harsh or fluorescent overhead lights at all costs. Instead, try placing pretty lamps around the room on tables and the floors, and consider adding a dimmer to overhead lighting. You’ll find the room is instantly cozier as lamps create individual visual nooks without actually breaking up the space. You can even try switching out your normal cool-toned bulbs for warm ones to complete the look.


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