Jutta Curatolo: Creative Ways to Display Your Family Photos

Creative Ways to Display Your Family Photos

Your family photos may just be the single most important aspect of your interior design. After all, your family is the true heart of the home! Your photos are what make your house distinctly yours, and they cannot be replaced for any price. Displaying family photos proudly creates a friendly, unpretentious atmosphere and allows your home to reveal your greatest priority.

Your photo display should be as creative and unique as your family! If you’re looking for a fun way to display your family’s personality throughout your home, try out some of these fun ideas:


Break the Mold
Do you have dozens of photos in various sizes and shapes, and no idea how you’ll ever find matching frames? Let go of the traditional restrictions just a little. Pick one unifying color and then go wild on styles and sizes! Mix together thick and thin, single and double, tall and long frames all together, and trust that they will still feel polished when they are all in matching colors. In fact, you may end up loving the purposeful visual interest created far more than a perfectly matching set anyway.


For a more unusual way to display your memories, create a set of photo coasters featuring your favorite moments. They’ll make a fun talking point when your guests come over for drinks, and they’ll keep you from growing too accustomed and risk not noticing your own photos on the walls. Order a set of photo coasters here, or if you’re feeling adventurous you can even make your own. Make it a project with the kids and you might just end up with some new memories to memorialize in the process! It’s an interactive, fun, and practical way to involve your favorite pictures in your daily life.


Looking Back
Forget matching entirely and scour junk stores for antique frames only. They still feel cohesive with their shared theme, and it’ll add a touch of intrigue, a classic look, and create a sense of history behind each of your family moments.


Switch It Up
If you can’t choose between all of your wonderful snapshots, or you want your pictures to constantly reflect the latest and greatest family moments, ditch the heavy frames and nails and stick to shelves. Small frames spread out across a few designated wall-hanging shelves will give you the freedom to switch out photos with ease, or take them down and pass them around when your guests admire a particular picture. The shelves also create a homey, lived-in feel while remaining neat and organized.