Jutta Curatolo: Beautiful Bathroom Design

The New Year is finally here, which means new trends are awaiting. It’s time to get a head start on your in home projects. Many people begin with bigger rooms such as bedroom or living rooms, but why not start with the small space? I love small space, because I feel like I can become more detailed in my design elements. Today, we’re going to look at the upcoming bathroom trends for 2017. It won’t be a surprise to see that most of these trends include concepts of nature. As society is moving towards the movement of becoming environmentally friendly, these concepts are great to add for your decor. Get your credit cards and hiking boots ready, because you’ll be wanting a total bathroom makeover after you see what’s hot now!


Big, Bold and Natural

This is a great fad coming its way. Combining bold colored ceramics with natural material such as bamboo or wooden floors, creates a modern statement in your home. For example, adding ceramic tile to the walls surrounding your sink or toilet will create a contemporary look. The key is to only use tile on one or three small walls within your bathroom, not all of the walls to ensure the right balance. Choosing a hardwood natural element floor will add warmth and a sense of relaxation within your bathroom. Choose simple and small elements that will stand out, such as white or black bathtub, pedestal sink, and toilet to ensure boldness within the room This will create a serene yet modernized bathroom, that you’ll want to stay in all day.


Sheek and Organic

Combining organic, yet ceramic elements will create a clean and organized look of nature within your bathroom. One way to create a chic look is by using ceramic or porcelain tiles on the walls or flooring, while creating one wall of bamboo or natural wood hardware. Add wooden accessories such as a laundry basket or small wooden stand. You can also incorporate natural twigs or branches within your bathroom to create an organic feel. (You can find how to strip and stain branches here). To complete the sheek, yet natural look, go for a clear shower glass with a porcelain or ceramic background.


Dark and Timbered

For ultimate peace and relaxation, dark and timbered bathroom elements will redefined by stone walls and slatted flooring. Combine this relaxing, cabin look by incorporating one or two walls with natural stone. Simple light wallpaper can be used to incorporate a balance. Go for dark and natural slated or porcelain flooring, and don’t be afraid to mix and match to instill tranquility. Choose dark wooden cabinets with dark granite top to complete the look.