The process of remodeling a bathroom can be a long process with a lot of investment. Depending on the degree of how much a makeover you want to give your bathroom, it can become a month to month process. Whether you want a new shower, vanity, or better lighting, the degree of how you want your bathroom to look is up to you. Some may want a fresh design while others may want a completely new bathroom setup. Here are a few tips to start our that bathroom remodel in your home.



A budget is a great place to start in your bathroom remodel journey. Create a breakdown of where you would like to invest the most of your money into the space. For example, if a new bathtub is your top priority, then that will really have a say on your total budget but if you are just looking for a new mirror and some freshly painted walls, your budget may look a bit more modest.

In a complete design overall, a large portion of your budget will be put towards the actual labor of installing new cabinets or a new bathtub. In NerdWallet’s Bathroom Remodel Budget, in their ideal cost breakdown, 20% of your investment will go to the labor behind installing cabinets or a new shower. Their second most expensive cost would be the cabinets and hardware if you chose to update that old vanity. After that, fixtures and plumbing would fall into the more expensive category of the remodeling process.



The process of redecorating is much more simple than the remodeling process. New design trends in bathrooms are also becoming space savers as well. For example, a large-tile format for the bathroom floor is a popular trend that works in even the smallest bathrooms. Larger tiles achieve a much more cohesive and fluid look giving the small bathroom an expansive illusion.

Another popular trend in modern bathrooms is creating elegant, small sink spaces. Wall mounted sinks have also been growing in popularity. If you prefer not to utilize a wall-hung sink in your smaller bathroom, corner sinks and pedestals also tend to work very well.

A bathroom remodel is a great way to improve the value of your home while also keeping up to date on the latest interior design trends.