Art Deco is a style that is supported by architecture and general visual design that was made popular in France before WWI. The style influenced everything from clothing and accessories to the interior design of homes. It took over Paris during the 1920s. Art Deco combined modern styles with the top of the line craftsmanship and rich materials. The style communicated a sense of luxury and a push toward social and technological forwardness.


The Style

The style of Art Deco derives from various different influences. The bold, geometric shapes of Cubism to the bright colors pulled from Fauvism, art deco is a reflection of various influences of design. One of the most prominent symbols of art deco is the Chrysler Building skyscraper in New York City. Many other large monuments and buildings erected throughout the 1920s and 1930s have some influence of art deco. It is deemed to be one of the first international styles but quickly faded out during WWII.


In Homes

Art Deco in homes during the 20s and 30s represented wealth and a sense luxury. Nothing was viewed as cheap in art deco. Expensive materials like ivory and silver paired with pristine craftsmanship created some of the most beautiful pieces. Leather club chairs and sofas made art deco within the home a bit more comfortable. Patterned walls and floors are also another way to identify the influence of art deco in interior design.

In its simplest, art deco in interior design uses simple bold shapes, patterns, and colors with various different influences and materials. Silver, black, and red are the tried and true colors of the style movement. It showcases an expensive taste from the furniture to the art the inhabits a given space.

If you want to add some art deco influence to your home, it is actually quite simple to achieve. Start with some bold art prints on a wall and select one that is really big or really small. Art Deco in the modern age is much simpler to achieve because many pieces are mass produced, losing the craftsmanship but still giving the same effect of the 1920’s style.