Plants are the most basic concept of life. They are simple because they only need water and light. Plants can create a new sense of life for your home as well. Plants allow you to bring in light and care into a space in which you never did before. Plants also allow you to redesign a room and fill those spots that just need something there. Some simple rules can be applied when adding green to your to give new life and a stronger design.


Plan Ahead

The first step in wanting to plan ahead for the plants you are going to introduce to the space. Ask yourself how many plants you want to how many spaces need to be filled. Some houseplants need more light than others which can influence which ones you purchase. Analyze the space in which the plants tend to inhabit and make your best judgments when moving forward.

For example, if your living room lacks natural light, a snake plant or a pothos require low lighting environments. Yet, if you’re living room is full of light, get a plant that flourishes in more light.



Whether you are looking to fill the space of an entire corner of your room, or to add some color to your light, the size of the plant and pot and important too. It is also important to incorporate the pot into the design of the space already. You need a small pot near a window, something that matches the design may work better than a large pot that is utilized as the bold statement piece of the room.



The most successful factor of what a plant can add to a room is balance. If you feel as though many of your pieces of furniture and weight are on one side of the room, a tall potted plant can add stronger balance to the space. In addition to balance, there is really no limitation on how many plants you are “aloud” in a given space. If you want a space filled with plants, there is no design rule that says otherwise. The limitations of what you can do with plants and where you can put them in a given environment are endless.

The power of plants is that they are easily moveable. If you need to move pots around to change up the feel of the room, all you have to do is pick up the pot and move it.