Interior design has the potential to influence the mood of those who reside within the space. The practice of creating a functional space has also been called feng shui but any well-designed space can communicate stress-relieving qualities. Whether it be through color, pattern, or repetition here are a few tips for creating a space to melt stress away.

  1. Clean-Up


The first step to creating a stress-free zone would be to declutter everything. Give yourself a room where your mind is not thinking about the mess around you. When clutter resides in a space, it subconsciously sends messages of disorganization into your own life. Take the time to go through and organize your items throughout your house.


  1. White Space

This may be a reaction to cleaning up but allow there to be openness in your stress-free zone. White space is so important in design because it allows your mind to breathe and not be over stimulated. Feel free to cut out anything in your room that may be unnecessary as a functional item or unnecessary to the eye.


  1. Color Scheme

The color is dire when creating a new calming room. Stick to color schemes that are not too colorful or distracting. Utilize colors that translate calming emotions rather than mix-matched patterns with bright colors. Soft sage green or dull pastels are quite conducive for a comfortable living area.


  1. Good Lighting

Allowing light to fill a space can really push out those dark and negative stressors in your life. Give your comfort space the ability to be accepting of both natural and artificial light so it can adapt to whatever time of day it may be.


  1. Bring the Outdoors in

Plants give can turn a dull, boring space into a living breathing environment. It is a simple way to show the necessity for light and also to put stronger energy into the room. Utilizing a wide array of plants can establish a friendlier space for more interactions to occur.


  1. Make it Cozy

A stress-free space can not be full of stiff materials and limited seating. Fuzzy pillows or a large rug are easy simple ways to add to the comfortability. Avoid putting leather or harsh wood seating in your new stress-free zone. The furnishings must make you want to relax on them.


  1. Maintain the Space

One of the easiest ways to create a stress-free space is to put your positive energy into the room. Give yourself a routine to tidy up the room, water the plants and open the windows. This ritual will give your mind the ease it needs to sit back and relax in your new stress-free space.