The following are some ways to begin to add feng shui to a room, space, or an entire home. First, you may be curious as to what feng shui is. Feng shui is defined as a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. The term actually translates to “wind-water” in English. To begin to create a space where harmonization can flow, the first step is the most important.


1. Fix What is Broken

Begin to fix things within your space that may be broken, falling apart, or that possibly make noise on a daily basis. These small problems we tend to overlook only add to the dis-harmonization. Fix the squeaky door or the handle on a cabinet you have not had time to tighten.

As well, begin to tidy up the space in which you inhabit. A simple step to tidy up is starting small. Cleaning your space can seem daunting but to take it one step at a time can help the overall flow and can also be a soothing experience.


2. Implement the 5 Elements of Life

What are the five elements of life you may be wondering? Fire, water, earth, metal and wood comprise of the basis of life in the philosophy of feng shui. A candle, a small tree, or a small water fountain are easy ways to implement these elements into daily life.


3. Fill Negative Space With Life

Plants are an easy way to bring life into your home and fill the negative space on top of certain furniture. The area above cabinets or dressers may become stagnant with energy, or chi. When you put life and energy in places where there is stagnation, it has the potential to transform the energy within the space.


4. Enter Through the Front Door

One way to begin bringing good chi into your space is using the main entrance of it. It injects the space with positive energy. We may find it convenient to just go in through a back door or through the garage but make a conscious choice to enter the main way allows for a better flow throughout. A nice way to start would be creating a rule of making sure to enter through the front door at least once a week. Then begin to increase that number week by week.


5. Love Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a sacred place where a person goes to regenerate energy, rest, or just be comfortable. When you put energy into a space, the space will give it back. Light is a great way to add energy to a room. Open up windows to let light in during the day. Another tip is to avoid hard edges, utilize curves within your room. The biggest rule in feng shui is to never let your feet point out the entrance of the room. The Chinese call this the “death pose” because the deceased are taken out of a room foot first.