Jutta Curatolo: What You Need to Know to Redesign Your Kitchen

As days grow shorter, and the holidays are rapidly approaching, you may be thinking of DIY home projects. There is no better room to start with than your kitchen. For one, the kitchen is the heart of the home. In today’s world, the kitchen is a place for friends and family to come together and create long lasting memories and scrumptious dishes.


Another reason the kitchen is so important in a home is because it increases your home’s value. According to Mansions and Millionaires host, Michael Corbett, buyers judge home based on two things: the kitchen and the master bedroom. The first step to redesigning and redecorating any space in your home, is to get organized. What point is there in decorating if all your anxieties are surrounded by clutter. Here are your top tips for getting organized and redesigning your kitchen.



One of the most important ways to keep your kitchen looking crisp and clean is to have the right storing accessories and space. Shelf organizers are a must have for your cabinets. Shelf organizers will allow you to organize your cabinets and utilize space for extra storage so that nothing is left on your countertops. Your cabinets should be organized by type of kitchen tools, foods, and dining wear. This will allow you to know exactly where everything is stored and save you the time of tearing your kitchen apart. Another thing to consider is pantry racks. You can buy them to hang on your pantry door, or you can buy stackable ones to organize in your cabinets.



Storage and space go hand in hand when it comes to organizing and decorating any room in a home. Choosing cabinets will take a lot more thought than you think. One decorating secret is to pick cabinets that reach the ceiling. Many opt to do this thinking that having extra areas at the top and bottom of your cabinets will allow you more space, but it actually makes your kitchen look more crowded. If your ceilings are not very high, this will create the illusion of taller ceilings and allow you overall extra space to use underneath your cabinets. In this case, you can store your toaster, microwave, blender, and coffee maker neatly underneath your cabinets, while allowing yourself to admire the coordinated use of space.



If you read my latest blog, then you know that color defines your home style and personality. Although it may seem like the kitchen is the most challenging room to design the walls (because of all of the appliances and cabinets), it’s actually the place in your home that you can get most creative. One of my favorite things to focus on in a kitchen is creating a backsplash, rather than just painting the walls. A backsplash gives your kitchen a comfortable, yet vibrant and unique space in your home. This will also give your kitchen a more modernized look, even if you go for a vintage backsplash. Check out these incredible backsplash ideas for your new kitchen!



Your floors are a major element of design in your home. Stone and tile are a great choice because they are durable in instances such as spills and accidents. This adds a more modern, yet classic look. Wood is also a fabulous choice style-wise, but can be hard to keep up with in accidental spill instances as liquid can damage the wood. Opting for a laminate wood styles is a great ideas because it’ll save you money and is easier to replace. If you’re really daring, then limestone is a wonderful choice for flooring as well. Because the stone is natural, it adds a classic look to your kitchen, but just remember, limestone must be taken care of and cannot be forgotten. It must be sealed before and and twice a year after installation.