The kitchen is also known as the heart of a home. It is the center of where food is made and a place where everyone can gather. It is important to invest not only your money but your energy into such a sacred place in a home. Through an interior design perspective, the kitchen can be made to feel more comfortable and more efficient.



There is no need to feel like you are living in the 19th century when cooking in your kitchen. Invest in appliances that work best for you and what you do in your kitchen. If you are someone who enjoys the act of cooking over entertaining for large amounts of people in your home, invest in appliances that cater to those needs.

Investing in ways to keep your kitchen clean will also aid in keeping the space open, clean, and inviting. Whether the investment is in new cabinets for proper storage or a trash compactor, giving your kitchen ways to be more useful will allow it to be more inviting. Use the all of the storage space you possibly can to create the most efficient space possible.



While efficiencies and practicality are important, the design is just as important when you are updating your kitchen. You must be able to move freely throughout the space in order for you to enjoy it. A great way to make your kitchen are more open and comfortable would be to add rugs to your space.  

When looking for new appliances and cabinets, do not be afraid to mix metals. For example, if you chose to invest in all stainless steel appliances then use a different metal for the cabinet handles. Not everything in the kitchen needs to be “matchy”. The natural reaction is to get everything in the room to match each other but switching things up can add to the depth of the space.

A general rule of them when going beginning to update your kitchen is to always prioritize quality. Low-quality appliances or design features will only come back to haunt you in the long term. It is simple to buy a cheap piece of furniture and make it look better with a few fancy pillows but you can not use this mindset with a kitchen. The quality pieces in a kitchen need to last for a long time. As well, quality pieces add character to a kitchen and take the design above and beyond. The pieces will speak for themselves.