It is important to stay up on all of the latest trends in interior design to not create an outdated space. There many new resources to keep up with the latest trends and also aid in the design process. For those who want to create a fully customized space without an interior designer, apps are a great place to start. There are apps to help you find furniture, pick colors, and design your entire space before you even start.



This app created by the popular home-paint company, Sherwin-Williams, is changing the color game. You can pull up an image and the app will match specific colors of the image to paint colors offered by Sherwin-Williams. The app also displays every color offered by the paint company. You can also take a photo of your space and change the colors of a wall with just a mere tap of the screen.



ZillowDigs is also an app released by the home listing company, Zillow. ZillowDigs displays multiple rooms and spaces for inspiration and how to recreate them in your own home. If you find a photo of a kitchen you really like, all you have to do is tap on spots within the image to find out the price and where to get the resources to put it in your own home. It will display a full price of how to flip your room into the one pictured.



This app is the ultimate interior design resource. You can design an entire 3D space with preloaded furniture and designs. The app takes a normal space and with the help of your design, can show the potential of any room.


4.Homestyler Interior Design

Homestyler Interior Design is a great app that is similar to roOomy but has the ability to engage with other users. You can view other people’s design portfolios for inspiration and ideas. In addition to engaging with users, the app gives you the ability to drag and drop 3D pieces of furniture in any augmented space.



When getting down to the nitty-gritty of creating a newly design, it is important to have a floor plan of your room. MagicPlan easily makes a daunting and tedious task simple. This app will, with just a photos, create an accurate floor plan of your space. It measures the distance between walls and even identifies doorways. MagicPlan is a tool for start your new design.