Jutta Curatolo Redecorating 2017


With the New Year just barely in the distance, you can’t help but imagine what you’ll spend the rest of winter doing as holiday parties begin to end and frigid temperatures begin to rise.  Most people are at home relaxing from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, parking lots begin to empty down, and the Christmas decorations must go back to storage until next year. However, as stores begin to empty out, this could only mean one thing- sales on all the leftovers. This is a great time to take advantage for decor for the rest of the winter, and for all the extra time you now have left over, you’ll be able to detox the past year away and decorate for the new year to come. Here are your top tips for redecorating for the New Year.


Detox Your Home

It is never too early to begin spring cleaning- and it will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors as soon as spring steps into the door. Begin by going through each of your rooms and decide what things need to go, what things need to stay, and what things just need to be put away. For example, it may be time to dump that twenty year old rug that’s been cleaned over multiple times, and still has stains on it. Christmas decorations that are in good condition should be put away and stored for next year. Go through household items that you think it’s time to replace or just jazz up your home with. Even things such as wallpaper should be taken into consideration. Make a list and begin cleaning your home out.


Winter Must Haves

As soon as your home is detoxed of old items that you’d like to upgrade, it’s time to go shopping. Winter is the best time to get home projects done because you aren’t distracted with long, beautiful lazy days. If you’re thinking about replacing your wallpaper or add trimming around your ceiling, now is the best time to do it! It’s also a great time to start new painting projects if you’re looking to change the mood of your new home walls. Simple accessories such as pillows and throws, mirrors, or even portraits and paintings can completely change the outlook of your home if you’re not looking for any drastic changes.


Stock Up for Next Year

The best part about going shopping for the new year is that most things will be on sale. Although you may be trying to get rid of “the old”, there is nothing wrong with buying vintage or last year’s home styles. Winter and holiday items will be on sale, so you can stock up and replace your decorations with new items for the next year. Planning ahead is part of being organized,  just be careful you don’t buy too many unnecessary items for your home. Begin by thinking of a theme and make a list of things that will match your theme or you’ll use in the future.