Many people have mixed information about volunteering. There are those who might be skeptical about how and why they should go about doing it and how it will benefit them. To compound all the confusion are all the myths surrounding this activity. People make all sorts of assumptions, like thinking their small contribution won’t make a difference in the larger scheme of things. People also think finding the time to volunteer is a near-impossible task, given our current busy schedules. Another myth is that volunteering will add stress to one’s life instead of adding any enjoyment. Some people think that volunteering equals getting dirty and it’s just jobs that nobody else wants to do. Another misleading rumor is that you have to be physically present in order to be a volunteer. When people can’t see any value in doing it, they can start to see volunteerism as a means of depriving them of time spent with loved ones. 

There are plenty of ways that people with chronic health conditions or limited mobility can help others. Studies have shown they can actually have a better quality of life with the satisfaction that comes from volunteering. 

For those people who cannot volunteer in-person, there are still plenty of ways to help manage phone lines or use a computer to aid an organization. Many nonprofits need designers to help with branding and information distribution, in addition to email campaigns and other social media activities.

For those people who wonder what they, in turn, get out of doing volunteer work, that answer is boundless. There are so many great reasons to help others that it’s hard to list them all. For anyone looking to broaden their social circle, there is no better way to meet others who share the same common interests. Finding people who have an altruistic nature also means opening yourself up to a circle of decent-minded people, the cornerstone of long-lasting friendships. 

A connection to your community is another reason. This is a great way to learn about the heart of your area. There is an overwhelming sense of pride that comes from making your region a better place for everyone. Volunteering is also good for you, physically and mentally. Making new connections and seeing the joy your work is bringing to others helps with your own sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Another benefit is the life skills you gain. Anything you learn while volunteering will help you in some aspect of your life down the road, either on a professional or personal level.