How to Transform Your Space with Fresh Flowers

Flowers have a way of brightening a room and bringing a smile to your face. Weaving bouquets and flower displays into your home design strategy makes your space come alive, adding a sense of energy and joy to any room in only a moment. Having fresh flowers demonstrates care and gives your home a graceful, lived-in feel while still remaining elegant. Not only do they look great, but they actually help to purify the air you breathe every day, so that fresh, fragranced air really is doing you good!

Brighten Your Day

One of the quickest and easiest things you can do to make your home beautiful is to make a fresh bouquet part of you standard weekly shopping list. It’s only a small expense, and the benefits can be huge, adding a sense of grace and happiness to any room. Put your flowers in a favorite vase, and display them somewhere where you’ll see them regularly — think your bedside table, beside your favorite chair, or perhaps on a window ledge or countertop where you can look at them as you make dinner or wash the dishes. The bright colors help to boost your mood, and anyone who walks in will be immediately greeted by the wonderful smell. Even better, seeing them every day can be a powerful memory trigger to times when you’ve enjoyed a picnic outside, or a meaningful gift from a loved one.

Don’t Forget the Bathroom!

By nature, the bathroom space is mostly taken up with necessary appliances and practical accommodations, but no room in your house should be neglected — especially one that you and any guests are guaranteed to use every day! Transform your bathroom from a utilitarian space into a place where you’ll want to indulge in long, relaxing baths and your own do-it-yourself spa day. A simple bowl of flowers on the counter can bring a lot of life to a small space, and the effort that goes into keeping them fresh shows your guests just how well cared for your home (and they, by extension) are. If you don’t want to replace them with fresh ones every week, trying turning an old bouquet into homemade potpourri!

Create a Wow-Factor Centerpiece

Wow your dinner guests with a gorgeous display of flowers on the table! Nothing makes feel more welcome and special than walking in to a beautifully laid table. Just make sure you arrange them in a low design so that they won’t block the view across the table. As a bonus, the vibrant colors and fresh smell will make the food look and taste even more delicious. Not expecting guests? Make yourself a centerpiece anyway! Treat yourself to a special night in by taking the same care and attention to your own self care as you would for your guests. Nothing starts a day off right like eating breakfast beside a beautiful, fresh-cut bouquet.

A Personal Touch

Do you have nic nacs and various beautiful little things that you’ve collected over the years? They bring a smile to your face every time, and they’re linked to some of the best memories and moments throughout your life — a heartfelt gift, perhaps, or a adventure from your travels — but it’s hard to find the right way to display them in your home. Flowers can help! An artful display of little keepsakes on a tabletop or bookcase can be instantly drawn together with a vase or bowl of flowers in their midst. Use the flowers to add alternating heights and shapes for that effortlessly designed look.