Painting a room for some may be a long and drawn out process. With the right amount of preparation and planning, painting a room can a be a fun and exciting experience. Painting walls of a space can completely add new energy and design into a room and make it feel like a completely different space. Here is a step by step process of how to plan your room painting overhaul.



The first part of this process is probably the most fun – choosing the colors. This step is the most fun and the most important. Many local hardware and paint stores offer swatches and paint samples to get a better understanding of what the color will look like in your room. Choose whether you are going to repaint an entire room or just add some accent walls.



The next step is to get the necessary supplies for you to paint the room. The rule of thumb is that one gallon of paint will cover around 400 square feet of wall. There are other resources such as a paint calculator that will help you know how much paint you will need for the room. Once you have the paint selected and purchased, you also have to buy additional supplies such as rollers and brushes to pans and tarps to put on the floor. As well, painter’s tape is another purchase supply that will help make your painting sharp and clean



Painting an entire room can take a few days. Be prepared to plan ahead and change your schedule to get the painting done as soon as possible. It is also important to strategize with ventilation. Paint releases a lot of fumes and without proper ventilation, it could result in fainting or other medical issues. Lay down tarps where you feel necessary to avoid spilling any paint on the floor. Paint large then go into the small details at the end. This will be the most efficient way to paint a room.