The holidays are a great time to redecorate and bring some new colors into your home. No matter what holiday you celebrate, being festive during the month of December is always fun for your space. Many enjoy hanging up their holiday decorations of wreaths, trees, and red colors. Yet, the traditional holiday decor does not have to limit you. You can still decorate for the holidays while adding your own personal spin to the classical decor.


  1. What is your concept?

Holiday decor can easily go into tacky territory so it is important to have a concept of color schemes and balance when putting new decor into space. Pick colors and pieces that are festive but ones that are not going to be too busy. If you want to utilize white colors as your base and adding red and green accents to a room, find bold statement pieces to really make your red and green pop. Even white, silver and baby blue can make a great holiday color scheme. White is an easy way to add openness to your festive room without it becoming overwhelmed with red or green. It helps break up bright pieces.


  1. Execute!

You could spend all year planning for your holiday designs but the execution step is the most important. Holiday decor is temporary so you want to put it up early enough for you and your visitors to enjoy. Start thinking ahead during October so when November comes around, you are ready to execute your holiday design. Most retail stores put their decor out the last week of October into the first week of November. When shopping for new decor items for your home, make sure they are consistent and follow your original concept.


  1. Focal Points

Depending what you celebrate the holidays, make sure to not lose focus on what is important. If you celebrate Christmas, make your tree the focal point. As well, decking out the dinner table with a holiday table runner or a bold centerpiece can really show the visual importance of spending quality time with others during the holiday season. Your design should reflect both your aesthetic but also the essence of your holiday.