Designing a living room can actually be a challenge. Not only must it fit into the rest of your home, it must also be comfortable but also presentable for guests. There are a few simple rules to take into consideration when beginning to design your living room.



The lighting of a living must be adaptable. Do not rely solely on overhead lighting to fill the room with appropriate mood lighting. An overhead light can be unflattering and also too bright for the relaxing environment you are trying to create. Use lamps and other light accessories to fill the space with comfortable light in the evening. During the day, do no hesitate to utilize natural sunlight if you have it.


Design for Everyone

When redesigning a living room, make sure to design a space that is useful to everyone who lives there and visits often. You would not want to create a space where people in your home are comfortable staying in the living room. A simple solution to this would be to offer different seating options.

Make a space that also has the ability to seat more than three people. It gives you seating options but also has the ability to host more people.


Texture and Patterns

A flat living room can kill the cozy environment you are trying to create. To make a room feel full and packed with life, utilize both textures and patterns in your design. Whether it be the curtains, rug or the accent pillows on the couch, a living room design can really pop with using the right textures and patterns. Be sure to keep within the color scheme you have chosen.


Keep it Cozy (rug)

One of the most important factors of a living room is how cozy it is. A living room is meant to be comfortable and inviting for anyone. Some simple ways to ensure your space is relaxing is adding a nice textured rug to the center of the room. Even adding a nice blanket to your couch can add to the cozy feel needed for anyone to relax.


Use Accent Pieces

Accent pieces in a living are what will give that design cherry on top. Follow simple design rules such as rhythm or focal point. A bold accent piece that can be a focal point is always fun. Throw pillows are also an easy way to create rhythm in your living room. A bold rug, chandelier, centerpiece, or even a nice items can add a lot of personality to your living room.