You may feel as though when your room decor gets stale that you need to spend hundreds of dollars to freshen up your space.There are easy ways to brighten and change the mood of any room with simple changes in decor without breaking the bank. Here are a few home decor hacks to change up your space without spending too much money.



Plants are such an easy way to change up the vibe of a space. They are such a simple solution that many tend to overlook this green change. Even if you already have houseplants around your home, change the pot or repaint the one it is already in now. You can alter the color to best fit the new color scheme of the room.



Everyone’s initial response when they have outdated furniture is to get a new one. There are quick fixes to update that old floral sofa into a sleek, modern piece. Utilize linen slipcovers, that you can buy or customize yourself, to change up the mood of the furniture. Slipcovers are also easy to change so you can rotate them out according to whatever season is more fitting.



Purchasing some new art also can give your space a new eye-catching accent piece. Your new art can be made by you, a local home decor store, or from a local artist that you enjoy, Wherever you find your painting or picture, properly frame and hang it up to change that dull environment.



Your living room might have become a bit boring without moving around your furniture for such a long time. You may even find moving around your chairs or sofas within the space can give you the needed change without getting new decor.



Mirrors are also inexpensive pieces that completely open up a space and give it a new perspective. When put in the right location, mirrors make your space look bigger and allow for a cleanness of the room. Mirrors with a bold frame also can be used an accent piece.


Make your space reflect you as much as possible. Yet, never get bored with your environment. Find ways to challenge yourself and keep your spaces open and constantly changing. It allows you to try new designs and keeps your home fun and moving, rather than stagnating. The simple changes will allow for greater ones to follow.