When inviting someone new into your space to help you create an environment in which you can live in, trust is key. Finding the right interior designer for you is a process that may take some time. A strong relationship with an interior designer can really change the way you feel living in your home.


Searching for the One

The best place to start your search for the perfect interior designer would start by simply asking friends or colleagues for suggestions. Word of mouth is one of the strongest forms of suggestions when looking for an ideal match. While looking for suggestions of possible candidates, find someone who not only fits your aesthetic needs but also is up to date on the latest trends in interior design. They will give you the feel you want while also keeping your home as modern as possible.  

Once you have found a few options in designers, know their credentials. Ask to see their portfolio, possess an interior design license, and learn if they are a part of any local or national organizations. This is to see if they are constantly expanding their knowledge of their craft and their previous experience. Always look for interior designers who are keeping up with trends through conventions or organizations.

After you have looked over their credentials, the most important factor is their results. Be sure to read any online testimonies of their previous clients to see their satisfaction rate. Results are everything as an interior designer. Even if they have references, call them and see how their experience was with that individual.



After you have chosen an interior designer that works best for you, communication is what will maintain a strong relationship throughout the process. Communication can be checking in on pricing or where they are at in the process but it can also be communicating through visuals. Showing your designer what you are inspired by and what designs you do like will allow them to get a better sense of your style and how they can best design your desired space. Comparing designs is a great way to spark an open communication relationship between you and your designer.

A great online service for interior design is Decorilla. Clients receive various design concepts from high-level designers at an affordable and reasonable price. This service also helps with matching clients with designers who will be able to best reflect their style.