Rustic Home Decor

One of the latest trends in interior design and home decor is a rustic look and feel in the various rooms of your home. It’s most popular to see guides for creating rustic kitchens, bathrooms, or bedrooms. It’s unclear exactly why this simplistic, traditional look is back in style. Maybe it speaks to a desire in people to go back to a time when life was simpler and a homes didn’t have unnecessary clutter.


Most rustic home decor involves refurbished wood and simple items that can be constructed into a unique and eye-catching piece. The rustic look utilizes wood, metal, dark and natural colors, and simple shapes. You’re mostly likely to find this type of interior design in a cabin or old farmhouse, but the rustic feel is coming to newer homes as well. There are a few essentials you’ll need to create rustic home decor, but the rest is up to your imagination!


Eclectic items


Generally, cabins and farmhouses include items that have been passed down through families or found at yard sales, which leads to an eclectic mix-match of decorations and styles. Don’t worry about whether or not all your dishes match or if the colors coordinate perfectly. Having an eclectic mix of items, especially in the kitchen, is typical in rustic home decor.


Dark or natural colors


In rustic homes, dark or natural colors are generally used. While you might see a pop of blue or yellow, most of the colors will be natural or stained wood, dark reds, browns, blacks, and whites. You want your home to feel like it’s connected to the world outside, not a completely modern creation that’s thoroughly removed from nature.


Cozy feel


Since cabins are associated with rustic decor, a sense of coziness is often invoked. Utilize this theme in your own home and focus interior design on a cozy and functional feel. Use open areas, but also do not be afraid to have small sections of your home stuffed with cupboards or storage. Make sure to drape lots of blankets around and consider having a few plush sofas and chairs.


Wood…lots of wood


In order to create the natural feel, rustic home decor features lots of wooden pieces. Most of the wood is unfinished or has limited changes done to it, such as slight sanding or staining. Use rectangular shapes and edges to create pieces of furniture and storage that feature different wood pieces. Furniture made from wood pallets will be your best friend.


Purchase secondhand


When you have the opportunity, purchase furniture and decorations secondhand. Doing so helps you accomplish the eclectic look and also creates an antique atmosphere that’s common in rustic interior design. You can repurpose old furniture people no longer want and paint it a new color or invigorate the natural wood. Find pieces that are unique and have character and you’ll create a genuine rustic feel in your home.