Repurposing old items around the house and turning them into functional items benefits not only you but the environment as well. Why buy something new when you can turn something old and make it new? Here are some household items that can easily be turned into new functional pieces for your home.


  1. Rake to Jewelry Holder

We all have that extra rusty rake sitting in our shed or garage that is too useful to throw away. It can easily be turned into wall jewelry rack. The only necessary part of the rake you need is the top part. The first part of the process would be to remove the handle part of the rake with a saw. Once you have the metal part of the rake, clean it off and secure it to a part of your wall where you keep your jewelry. Then when it secure, start putting all of your necklaces on each individual parts of the rake. Voilà! You now have a functional jewelry rack…rake.


  1. Clipboards with Photos

An easy way to display photographs would be to utilize clipboards. Whether you have some sitting in an old drawer or you have some clips that you can screw to an old piece of wood, this is a great way to display either your photography or images of family and friends. I would begin by finding a spot in your home that would best fit the new display. Then either screw the clipboards to the wall or have a piece of twine hold them up. This is your opportunity to get creative with a photo display.


  1. Pot Rack for Outdoor Plants

Whether you have an old pot rack laying around or you make one from a wood or metal base with some rope, a pot rack attached to the ceiling of your back porch can give new plant life to a dreary space. Hanging plants from a back porch can make the environment of the space quite full and visually appealing to the eye. You can have plants in pots sitting on top of the rack while also having some hanging underneath.


  1. Old Drawers … for The Wall?

Old pieces of furniture sometimes have beautiful wood drawers inside. Removing the drawers from an old desk and painting or polishing them is the first step to this new wall accessory. Then, find the appropriate wall to attach the new shelving unit to hold any knick knacks or photographs.


  1. Entryway Shutter Catchall

You may have some old window shutters sitting in the garage just waiting to be repurposed. An old shutter can be transformed into a catchall sitting right inside of your front door or in your kitchen. You can attach some hooks or clips to hang keys, notes, or pictures of your family.