Interior design changes so frequently it is important to stay on top of upcoming trends. Many trends tend to be more obvious decade to decade but many changes happen year to year.  Here are a few upcoming trends you may see get popular in 2017.


Accent Walls with Wallpaper

Wallpaper became quickly popular in America just as fast as it went out of style. It is making a comeback but with a few exceptions. Accent walls are what are becoming quite popular in bedrooms and living rooms in 2017. Whether you want a subtle or an eye-catching accent wall, this simple and affordable addition can give a room a completely new feel.


Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes have been popular for awhile but the right style is important for 2017. Soft pastel backsplashes such as blues and yellows are no longer that popular. Bold colors are expected to be popular this year. Gray can be used to help pop the bright colors within a space. Backsplashes are an easy way to update a room without breaking the bank. Tile and tin backsplashes are some of the most popular styles in backsplashes.


Copper, Copper… and Copper!

Copper is a metal we tend to overlook in interior design. Well, it is time to embrace it! Lamp shades, accent pieces, or even a copper backsplash can give you that trendy edge that is needed for 2017. The color itself tends to have the strong earthy tone to it but with a bit of sheerness that can make a room pop. Be sure to think of copper as an accent to a room too. A room can become less cozy when filled with copper.


Nude and Earth Tones

Variations of earth tones become popular each year. Try to stay away from bold blues but lean more towards grayish blues that are more prevalent in nature. Even dull greens can make your space feel more organic and while giving you an opportunity to add bold accent colors within the room. Combining nude, flesh tone colors with blue and gray earth tones can create a new refreshing mood to a room.


Smart Phone Features

New home accessories and furniture are becoming compatible with smartphone devices. What better way to fill a room than with music, an audiobook, or just to ask Siri a quick question? Also, making your home smartphone friendly also allows your home to be better equipped for social gatherings. Whether it be a place to charge your phone or a dock to play music from, making your home technologically friendly is a must in 2017.
Neutral colors combined with bold accents are a general theme throughout the 2017 year. An evolving home in style can create a refreshing atmosphere for you, your family, and your friends.